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Head Office

Bahkka Design Studio
Drabantgatan 10, Luleå SE

Bahkka is a trans-disciplinary experience design studio based in northern Sweden. Enriching brands through Brand Design, Experience Design and Business Design.

Brand Identity for Villgot restaurant




Working for Vinter we got to design a true feel-good brand. A Nordic Fusion Restaurant that want to do good things for the world. They do this by working with local produce in an instructional way. The Villgot circle communicates the local content as a percentage. The circle is a challenge for them to find sustainable solutions, always seeking and developing new products and commodities from the immediate area. A striving forward where quality and creativity dare meet in a perfect circle.


Brand Identity

Design System

Concept Development

Retail Design

Packaging Design

Art Direction

Product Design

Vehicle Design

Environmental Design


To me the only way to do great work is to love what you do

Work more, want more and give more. It is an easy and client engaging formula proven time and time again to deliver great work for all clients of Bahkka. More is what makes me push through when the odds are stacked against me. Evertime I've failed I have always stood up and wanted more.


More challenges has meant more determination. More obstacles has lead to more revolutionary solutions. More misses has lead to more engaging stories.


I will never give up in the search for better solutions. I always want more.

Fredrik Johansson

Owner & Design Director

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